Christina Hernandez

Firm Operations

Rigby Slack Lawrence Pepper + Comerford PLLC

Christina Hernandez is the Firm Operations manager for Rigby Slack, PLLC. She has a Master of Arts in Planning and Urban Development. Her passion for planning has translated into 25 years of leading corporate operations specializing in ethical corporate governance and team leadership theory. Christina has extensive experience in strategic planning, direct annual budgeting and planning processes, and financial and operational goals as well as human resources. Christina’s specialties include project planning- maintenance, renovations, construction and expansion projects, streamlined business practices, vendor and procurement management, qualifications/proposal writing, document production and software instruction/mentoring.

During Christina’s free time, she serves on the National Board of Directors of the Human Rights Campaign sitting on the Finance and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committees. She is a member of the Lipan Apache Tribe and an Eagle Staff Bearer. On the weekends, you can find her at local farmers’ markets selling traditional health and wellness products through her apothecary business. Christina’s primary goal at the office is to ensure Lee’s misery in all respects.